Having great respect for your – and also mine – time, I present to you some information concerning my educational work.

It has been 20 years since I started my Bureau of Tutoring. For years, in the newspapers: Dziennik Zachodni, Głos Zabrza, Nowiny Gliwickie, there has been a particular annoucement: “Mathematics, physics, chemistry – including lame cases”, which fully represents my type of occupation. Apart from traditional tutoring, of course. One British brand once used to advertise itself this kind of way: “We do the impossible at once. Miracles take a little time”. My friends laugh that I don’t really need that additional time :)

Jokes are jokes, but in fact I have managed to help many students get out of an educational collapse. It is usually connected with the ability to somehow unlock their “mental block”.

An opinion about me, given by prof. dr hab. Jerzy Mioduszewski (achieved his “doctor” title under the wings of the one and only prof. B. Kanter at the University of Wrocław in the time, when the head of the Mathematical Institution was the legendary prof. Hugon Steinhaus):

Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Mioduszewski’s opinion:


TVN Uwaga

I get students visiting me not only from the region of Silesia, but from all of Poland: Wałbrzych, Kraków, Tarnów, and even from abroad – recently from Germany and Austria. I receive invitations to all the other cities of Poland in order to prepare courses and lectures.

In this video material I present to you the opinions given by the students of Gdańsk, where I have had the honour of giving a lecture on mathematics suitable for the basic level of the matura (end-of-school) exam, for over a hundred of students, who had failed the trial version. Having finished the first two-hour’s lecture, I received a standing ovation. The young people have confessed, that they got to understand mathematics more during this lecture, than they ever had during their 12 years of school education. The whole video is available on www.eduno.pl


I have also had the opportunity to give private lessons abroad – in Austria. I also plan to teach in Germany in June. I give all my lessons in Zabrze (down the DTŚ motorway, about 7 minutes’ drive from the famous “Spodek” in Katowice), and in Gliwice on the Styczyński street. I am also available to teach on Saturdays and Sundays.

As for the price, I do not take advantage of my fame in the media, as to write and publish good books, I must keep in touch with students representing all possible environment and age groups.

In the case of incidental meetings, an individual and standard 45-minutes’ class costs around 50 PLN. When a long-term teaching period is necessary, due to significant school backlog, the cost of one class falls to only 30 PLN.

I am an author of two mathematical books so far:

  • 1. “Mathematics for humanists, the dyslexic and... other lame cases”
  • 2. “Jolly mathematics for kids and... those a bit older”
According to my readers, these are the world’s best books concerning mathematics. I shall not try to justify the opinions in any way, but in the “Shop” tab, I wish to provide you with a sample of each of them. You may confront your own opinions with all the others.

Finally, I would like to show you one more video, where I prove, that I can even teach pre-school children how to work with fractions and solve equations.


Magicznie-matematycznie (Magically-mathematically) TVZ

I have established my own method of teaching school math. The key factor that astonishes and amazes my pupils and their parents is the way of explaining the subject. Below I present to you my visit in the “Kawa czy Herbata” (“Coffee or Tea”) program. Thanks to the invitation from Telewizja Polska (Polish Television) three years ago I had the opportunity to present what my idea of teaching school math was: it is not only the modified order of topics that create the process of teaching at schools, but also a whole new way of explaining it with an innovative way of defining its terminology.

Below is an extract from “Kawa czy Herbata” where I show how easy it could be to teach children fractions, even if they have not yet mastered the table of multiplication:


Recently I have received an offer to organize and lead a project aimed at pre-school children and elementary school children at one of the Children’s University. I would truly like to organize two of such groups in September this year – one in Zabrze, one in Gliwice. I humbly invite all those who are interested in my educational work.

Arrange tutoring meetings via phone: +48 608-138-035
Students from other regions than Silesia, as well as for those abroad, I am available to communicate with and teach through Skype.

„Numbers don’t lie”

This year’s matura was failed by 21% of all Polish students. It’s over 74 thousand young pe ople, that are worried about their future. Behind the dry facts of the Central Examination Committee (of Poland), there are dozens of thousands “little dramas”.

Dreamt studies are now but a question. Vacation plans should be put inside the cupboard again, and books should be taken out instead. Matura, second take is to take place in August.

The system of teaching math in Polish schools has failed. Once again since introducing “the Queen of studies” back into the canon of examination subjects, 21% of students did not handle the required tasks. It’s a real failure not only to the thousands of this year’s matura students, but also the people who, standing by the blackboard, take the responsibility to pass on knowledge according to the requirements provided by the Ministry of Education.

Mathematical emergency

The Polish market is being introduced to a new educational offer, which breaks all the canons of math-teaching. Counting to a hundred, adding, subtracting, understanding fractions – can a 5-year-old master it all within a few months?

Over five hundred Internet users, who have watched the trailer of “Educational Set to Immediate Study of the multiplication table and the remaining work-outs from the area of school arithmetic, equations, inequality and text exercises” has met the phenomena of the new method of studying math.

Between July and August, Krzysztof Cywiński’s “Set” will reach the market. It contains a book, two movies on DVD discs and special cards for mathematical games. The achievement is being widely spread thanks to the national media.

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